Ultra thin baby diaper
  • Jun 19 , 2021 New product female menstrual pants
    Sale point of menstrual pants : 1.Its surface cotton surface is comfortable and soft, and there are many types of surface structure. 2.It has a green anion core, which removes odor and breathes breathable. 3.Its design fits the human body, it is convenient and comfortable to wear, and it is hygienic. 4.Its surface layer also has a draw design with a flow guiding effect. 5.In order to prevent side ...
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  • Mar 23 , 2021 Sale point of our anion sanitary napkin
    Sale point of our sanitary napkin: 1.Super soft non woven top sheet( perforating or embossing), the softest touch to women skin. 2.Super absorbent polymer (SAP) locks flow quickly, no side leakage. 3.Great breathable back sheet effectively helps prevent moisture and odor. 4.Perfect design and strong adhesive keep the pad firmly stay on the underpants all the time. 5. Environmentally friendly glue ...
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  • Apr 21 , 2021 Ultra thin and soft baby diaper
    Product Feature: Ultra thin /soft/nice water absorb capacity . Hot sale in russia market :
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  • Jun 19 , 2021 Disposable Breathable Underarm Armpit Sweat Pads for Clean Undershirts
    [Easy to Use]: ; ; Simply remove from packaging and attach to the armpit region of your chosen [Function]: ; ; ; ; ;Absorbing underarm perspiration.Keeping your underarms clean and dry all day long. garment. [Men & Women]: Simply the best! Suitable for most skin types,hypoallergenic.Gender neutral design, non-scented materials provide an answer for both. [Comfortable & Convenient]: Super soft,ultr...
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