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Female Health Care - Choose the Pads Fit the Best

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10 Best Ways To Keep Your Vagina Clean And_y

In every menstrual cycle, sanitary napkins play a vital role as a caring companion for women. The development of modern science and technology has made sanitary napkin products constantly upgraded, bringing more comfort and convenience.

The main advantages of sanitary napkins:

1. Absorbs efficiently and stays dry

Our sanitary napkins are made of highly absorbent materials that quickly absorb and lock in menstrual blood, preventing leakage and back-seepage. Whether used day or night, our products provide a long-lasting dry experience to keep you confident and comfortable during your period.

2. Soft and skin-friendly, caring for sensitive skin

The surface of the sanitary napkin is made of high-quality soft material, which is skin-friendly and not easy to cause allergies or irritation. Ideal for women with sensitive skin, it provides gentle care and reduces discomfort caused by friction.

3. Breathable design, away from stuffiness

We pay attention to the breathability design of sanitary napkins to ensure air circulation and effectively reduce the feeling of stuffiness. This design is especially suitable for use in the summer or during sports to help keep the pussy fresh.

4. Diversified choices to meet different needs

Our range of sanitary napkins includes a variety of sizes and models such as day, night, mini, and extra-long to meet the needs of women at different times and occasions. Whether it's working during the day, resting at night or traveling, we have the right product for you.

Our range of sanitary napkins

Daily sanitary napkins

Features: Lightweight and breathable, suitable for daily activities.

Specifications: 240mm, 260mm and other options.

Absorption: Super absorption, prevent side leakage.

Sanitary napkins for night

Features: Extended and wide design, designed for night use, providing all-night protection.

Specifications: 280mm, 320mm, 360mm, etc.

Absorption: Absorbs strongly, ensuring you stay dry all night.

Mini sanitary napkins

Features: Compact and convenient, suitable for early and late menstrual use.

Specifications: 180mm, 200mm, etc.

Absorption: Moderate absorption, easy to cope with a small amount of menstrual blood.

Extra-long sanitary napkins

Features: Extra-long design, suitable for business trips or long-term activities.

Specification: 400mm, 450mm, etc.

Absorption: Extra-large absorption, long-term protection.

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