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Wholesale Private Label Disposable Armpit Underarm Sweat Pads for Men

  • Stock lot
  • Antibacterial
  • Deodorant


 Product Description

1)Easy to Use: Simply remove from packaging and attach to the armpit region of your chosen.- First, remove the adhesive sheet from the pad.- In this phase, glue the pad to the inside of the garment.-The wonderful time that using the pad brings to you. 

2)Function & Contains: Absorbing underarm perspiration.Keeping your underarms clean and dry all day long. garment. Package contains:Disposable Armpit Anti-Sweat Pads x 250 Packs(10 pieces per pack).

3)  Men & Women: Simply the best! Suitable for most skin types,hypoallergenic.Gender neutral design, non-scented materials provide an answer for both.

4)  Comfortable & Convenient: Super soft,ultrathin.Light weight and portable, nearly invisible.Disposable, no washing necessary. Perfect for outdoor and travel. Single use pad, discard after use.

5)  Premium Quality: With a mix of the highest quality microfiber fabrics,our sweat pads are efficient,breathable,extremely absorbent and sticky,but without residues. Note: -Do not use on wool products.- Underarm anti-sweat pads won't stop you from sweating.- Please tear off the pad before putting it in the washing machine.- Do not let the pad get completely wet, otherwise it will be difficult to tear


 Product Packaging


Underarm sweat pad.

for cap

Sweat pads cap.

for t

Sweat pads t shirt / shirt.


 Comment & FAQ

1. Are you a trading company, or manufacture?

A: We are a sanitary pads, baby diapers researching, producing, selling modern operating company. We own long term cooperation, stable, quality factory, and are able to supply premium, branded service.

2. Are you offering OEM? Can we use our own brand and labels?

A: Yes of course, we can do OEM and print your logos and labels, at the same time, we can do unique, branded, and meaningful products upon your requirements.

3. How can i get samples?

A: We're glad to offer the samples, new clients might need to pay the express fees for free samples, and it'll be refunded after ordering.

4. How do you take quality control?

A: Quality is a top priority, and from start to finish, everyone attaches great importance to quality control. The raw materials we use are the cutting-edge materials of the international top 500 brands, and the aseptic automatic production line and scientific testing ensure that you receive high-quality products. The quality control department is responsible for the quality inspection of each process.

5. What quality of products are you able to produce?

A: Our machines are China high quality machines. We can produce high, medium and low quality products according to the requirements of our customers' markets.


 Company Profile

1)We make quality products and solutions.

2)Consumers can rely on us for maximum protection and comfort as we never compromise on quality or service.

3)  We keep flexible and close to our customers and the consumer to make sure that they get the best value from our products.


 Production Process


Sweat pads cap.


Sweat pads cap.


Sweat pads cap.






 Data Sheet

Underarm Pad 13.5x12.5cm 10 Piece per Pack 250 Packs per Carton 51x47x24.5cm Exw ¥0.085 per Piece Moq 1 Million Imported Glue
Underarm Pad 12x9.5cm 10 Piece per Pack 200 Packs per Carton 57x19x27cm Exw ¥0.065 per Piece Moq 1 Million Imported Glue
Sweat Pads Cap 24x4cm 10 Piece per Pack 240 Packs per Carton 61x22x27cm Exw ¥0.085 per Piece Moq 1 Million Imported Glue
Sweat Pads T Shirt / Shirt 24.5x7cm 10 Piece per Pack 300 Packs per Carton 49.5x37x32.5cm Exw ¥0.105 per Piece Moq 1 Million Imported Glue


 Optional Surface


Non woven fabric material.


Quality imported glue.

1mm thickness

1mm thickness.


 Testing Quality

1)Test water 10ml.  

2)Pour all the water on top.

3)The water is instantly absorbed.

4)   No side leakage.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 4.21.47


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